Walk and Talk Therapy



The act of leaving the confines of the therapy room and walking side by side or sitting together watching the world go by can make it easier to talk about and process difficult feelings.

walk and talk in nature therapy

Walking in Nature

Walk and talk therapy provides an opportunity to talk in a more natural and soothing physical space and may be useful for those who struggle with eye-contact, sitting still, or feeling grounded in enclosed spaces.

Opportunities often arise during these sessions to engage in quiet meditative reflection and experience the physiological response nature provides of the unwinding and relaxing of the nervous system. The result is improved processing of emotions and the ability to engage with your inner resources to find solutions to problems which are holding you back.

Walk and talk therapy is available from our Lawrence street location where we can access the beautiful surrounds of Les Stone Park and the local walking tracks nestled alongside House Creek.

Parent Intake Sessions

Any referrals received for children will require a parent session prior to the therapist beginning work with your child. This session will help us understand what is happening for your child and what has brought you to the point of reaching out for help.

It’s okay to cry when there is too much on your mind – the clouds rain too, when things get heavy.

Amina Mehmood