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The team at Insight Therapies Counselling and Consultancy have many years of experience supporting families to build safe and supportive relationships.

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Support for Parents

Parenting at the best of times is hard and sometimes we all need a little help to understand our children and build a calmer and happier family life. It is not always clear to us as parents how to best set limits or improve cooperation at home or how to manage the transition to school or through adolescence. Sometimes our child displays challenging behaviours that appear to have come out of nowhere and we can’t seem to find the right approach to manage these or sometimes we feel totally lost in how to support them when they experience anxiety, depression or other mental health struggles. This is where Insight Therapies Counselling and Consultancy can help.
For young children, strong feelings can be overwhelming and difficult to express. Language is often a skill not yet mastered and instead, they use behaviour to tell us there is something wrong.  But how do we parent in a way that manages these behaviours whilst also keeping our children safe and our family happy and connected?

We're Here for You

Our team has many years of experience in supporting families to build safe and supportive relationships. Your therapist will utilise their extensive experience along with knowledge gained from various parenting programs in which they have trained as facilitators to help you achieve a safer and more cooperative and enjoyable relationship with your children.

We can help you build on your existing skills and learn new ways to understand and respond to your child that enhances your connection and relationships and which doesn’t leave you or your family hurting. 

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