Play Therapy



Within the early years of life, children are only beginning to discover who they are and how to communicate their feelings. Play Therapy understands this and provides a safe and welcoming environment where children can feel free to express themselves using their own language, the language of play.

Explore, Create and Problem Solve

For young children, accessing typical talk-based therapy sessions with a counsellor, where the therapist directs the communication through questions and self-reflection, just does not meet their developmental needs often leading to frustrated children and parents. If we step back and think about what our children need, and how they communicate with us, we can see that it isn’t through carefully considered words but rather, it is they show us what is happening under the surface through their actions. By accessing our play therapy sessions, your child will be provided with a safe, accepting and child led space where they can still reap the deep benefits of a professional therapy medium, but in a way that matches their stage of growth and their communication style. 

For young children, play therapy provides a safe environment where their natural urge to explore, create and problem solve is encouraged. Sand trays, dolls, action figures, soft spaces, cubby houses, structured games and art materials are available for your child to utilise in any way they may need to show us a window into their internal world. Their experienced therapist will then take this information so generously shared, and help them to make sense of, and overcome what was once so overwhelming. This supportive and non-judgemental experience helps children project their worries outwards into the play and from here we can help them work through difficult feelings and behaviours and find peace and safety again.

Unlike traditional talk-based therapy, a child-led medium like play therapy allows children to be free to ‘play out’ their feelings and emotions without the added pressures the world often places on them. Exploring emotions, dealing with trauma, taking responsibility, and developing problem-solving/coping strategies; are just some of the positive outcomes that can unfold. 

At Insight Therapies, your child will be provided with a judgment-free, and innately comfortable environment that promotes inclusivity and safety. They will be supported by a safe and supportive therapist who will hold them emotionally as they express and work through big emotions. Our promise to your family is to join your child in their own world, to help them grow emotionally and to provide them with the skills needed to navigate their complex worlds in a manner which fosters self-esteem and builds confidence.

Parent Intake Sessions

Any referrals received for children will require a parent session prior to the therapist beginning work with your child. This session will help us understand what is happening for your child and what has brought you to the point of reaching out for help.

It’s okay to cry when there is too much on your mind – the clouds rain too, when things get heavy.

Amina Mehmood