Do You Offer Counselling Wodonga And Albury?

Yes, I offer a range of therapeutic approaches for kids and adults in Wodonga and Albury. One of my specialities is Animal Assisted Therapy. It can really help people for whom relationships is at the source of their distress.

Who is Counselling For Kids Wodonga For?

I work with children with a wide range of behavioural difficulties. I also provide parents with information and support so they can help their children thrive too.

Who is Animal Assisted Therapy Wodonga For?

Animal Assisted People consists of working alongside a certified therapy dog. This can assist people who have issues with trust and relationships to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

Who Is Expressive Therapy Wodonga For?

Expressive therapy is an approach to therapy that recognizes that some thoughts and emotions are difficult to put into words and are sometimes better expressed by using symbols and creative output.

Who Is NDIS individual counselling Wodonga For?

NDIS is a scheme that allows people with disabilities to access services such as individual counselling. As an NDIS registered provider, I welcome people who are part of the NDIS scheme.

Who Is Conuselling For Teens Wodonga For?

I work with teens In Wodonga who are experiencing a number of mental health problems in their life such as depression or anxiety.